The resolution of the fujifilm xe1 question

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Re: The resolution of the fujifilm xe1 question

Sorry I'm late to the party. I'm just going to echo what a few others have said. Exec summary is that handling differences between the two camera you're asking about and between mirrorless cams and DSLRs in general may be much more important than any small IQ diffs between the X-E1 and NEX-6.

Any current 16mp+ camera you look at today will have tons more resolution than your D200, not just "a little bit better." The difference in IQ between a Sony NEX-6 and Fuji X-E1 are relatively meaningless compared to how much better they are than your D200. Ditto for a Nikon D7000, or even a D3200. Newer sensors are much better, and truly meaningful diffs between them are insignificant compared to how much better they are than a D200.

The difference in use and handling between a DSLR like your D200 and a mirrorless camera like the X-E1 and NEX-6 can be huge. It's not just that mirrorless cameras are smaller. Viewfinders, focusing speed, ergonomics, menu/interface, lens availability and other factors will/may be very different. The differences in handling between the X-E1 and NEX-6 are pretty significant. The NEX-6 has a relatively simple layout, requiring more menu diving, the X-E1 has lots of analog controls. The NEX-6 body is signicantly smaller. Any of these may be much more important to you than any small difference in IQ.

You might want to look a little harder at whether any mirrorless camera will fit your workflow needs, and if so, which mirrorless camera/system would work best for you, before you get bogged down in relatively small IQ differences. As others have said, you'll find it very helpful to try them out to make sure.

Trudy33 wrote:

if I buy an xe1 does this mean my images will be or appear to be higher in resolution that if I got the sony nex6 which is also a 16 mp camera?
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