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Re: Where's the Beef?

Jim Cockfield wrote:

As the old Wendy's commercials asked, "where's the beef"?

There are tons of companies making set top boxes anymore, including a number of them using Intel Chipsets.

Heck, you can buy a $50 Android 4.0 based device with a decent ARM based CPU, 1GB of DDR3 and more now that comes with Google Play, XBMC, ability to use Netflix, etc.

So, programming is the question.

Totally agree. This article would be a big yawn except for claim about the ability to subscribe to individual channels.

Originally, the content producers had a single channel of distribution to the consumer -- the cable company. That's how we ended up with the system we have.

IP changes all of that and the cable company bundles just don't make sense any more. The old system needs to be disassembled (i.e. smashed with a wrecking ball). The sooner we start that process the better. And maybe Intel has the muscle to do it.

Maybe it will fizzle and fail (this time) but I'll still salute Intel for trying.

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