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Re: Invest, do not spend

Hi there,

Thanks for your responses.

I guess I have always had the impression that changeable lens cameras like DSLR's always offered superior quality images and somewhat more professionally looking photos than fixed lens camera's. I'm actually not sure how much influence a lens has on a picture in terms of focussing/AF/depth of field, but I have always thought of them as the superior type of camera. I agree with one of the points above that this website has many reviews, previews, and buying guides - it really is the most useful website I have found - but what are the common ''Go-to'' entry level DSLR camera's?

My photos are of mostly nature and landscape shots and the camera must remain easily portable within a tramping/hiking bag. And that has encouraged me to look at compact body cameras with changeable lens such as the Panasonic GF3, G3, GF5, and GF5, Sony's NEX series, Fiji's X-E1, and also more advanced compact body camera's such as Sony's RX100 and RX1.

Are these types of cameras the best option for portability and quality? I'd like a larger sensor than the S95, the option of changing lenses, and whilst retaining the ability to shoot in RAW.

Thanks again

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