Olympus MySets, do you use them?

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Bob Tullis
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Re: Olympus MySets, do you use them?

Yes, whenever I turn on the camera, or when the scene changes enough. On the OM-D:

Myset 1 - good daylight, ISO 200, no shutter delay, no IBIS, RAW

Myset 2 - same as above, 1/8 shutter delay, IBIS enabled, RAW

Myset 3 - Night streets - mono JPG w/ curve adjustment + RAW, 1/8s shutter delay, IBIS, Auto ISO (limited to 3200)

Myset 4 - Landscape - tripod settings for 5 1-stop AEB & 2 sec. timer

Getting 2 cameras set up this way - it takes a labor of love [g]. Any one of those might call for a minor mod, but what is called for then is quite accessible through the SCP. I never cared for the implementation of momentary Mysets - probably because I find it's fiddly to execute with the OM-D. But using them for custom configurations, once I understood what common and different configurations I often turned to, has helped immensely. I hear some complain how many button presses it takes - I don't find it laborious at all, very quick to execute. If I'm missing something because it takes 5 seconds to set up I don't blame the camera - and so it goes [shrug].

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