Olympus MySets, do you use them?

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Re: Olympus MySets, do you use them?

Guy Parsons wrote:

Consider this to be a roundup on how people may use their Olympus MySets.

♦ Do you use the MySets at all? Many like me never do as too awkward on E-PL1.

♦ What MySets do you use, a brief rundown, no need for fine details.

♦ Are they used often or little?

This is a self seeking exercise to see how people may use their MySets to inspire me what to do when my E-PL5 arrives. The E-PL5 of course can have MySets assigned to the Mode dial so suddenly MySets make sense to use, just like I always use the C1/C2 setup on my Panasonic LX3.

Thanks in advance for any contributions.

Regards.... Guy

I could not work out how to use them.

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A solution looking for a problem !

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