Nikon FF Mirrorless for 2013 ? I think so :)

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Re: Another non F-mount? Correct

The only issue surely is register distance? I am not an optical engineer, but commonsense indicates that the only issue is maintaining register distance and image circle?

There will sitll be gains such as no mechanical shutter, hence improved fps, focusing improvement as direct to sensor reading, focus improvements for manual focusing, less breakdown due to less moving parts etc.

The thing is, I do believe a NEX 7 FF would rock the market. Any legacy lens (brand) on a FF image sensor?

Therefore, if Nikon kept the register distance, it would be true to the F-Mount and Nikon legacy, so the 'right' thing to do for Nikon users.

But if Sony could keep the register distance of a FF NEX shorter as it is, they would maintain the wide amount of lens choices and thereby make it a universal camera, as the APS-C NEX 7 is now.

The only issue with that is that it would also hurt their own DSLR sales (though they will still continue to some extent as many still only want AF). But many may buy such a camera as a second body.

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