The resolution of the fujifilm xe1 question

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Re: The resolution of the fujifilm xe1 question

Asylum Photo wrote:

The X-Trans exhibits good detail when NR is set to -2, when shooting JPEGs, or when using a RAW converter that is not made by Adobe.

Whether it's higher or lower than competitors is debatable (as you can see :)). In some cases, it's higher, in some cases it's lower. It trades a lack of anti aliasing filter for a unique color filter array. Basically, in the end, it equals out in terms of resolution (imo). Fuji has great in camera jpeg processing, and pretty good high ISO noise control. But it also has problems with saturation of reds (imo).

Like every camera and sensor, it has it's pros and cons, and it's up to the individual to decide if it's for them.

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What is the problem with the saturation of reds?

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