Indoor dog shows: lens advice for my 60D

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Re: Indoor dog shows: lens advice for my 60D

linzybel wrote:

I've got a 60D, which I like, but I own only legacy primes. Manual exposure, no image stabilization. Focus on moving targets is tough... One of my daughters shows dogs frequently, and this is the sole reason for getting the best lens for these conditions.

Does anyone have a lens which works particularly well? My criteria:

1) poor light, no flash allowed

2) moving targets, so quick focus

3) how important is IS?

IS is "useless". The dogs are so quick, that you either need extremely high ISO, 3200+ to get the speed or you need fantastic reflexes.

Almost all dogs have "instantaneous" stop for split seconds and you can catch the dogs there. Not easy, takes a lot of practice.

With indoors, you get along the fence and support the camera/lens with the fence, then pick a couple of spots, take your photos from one, then from the next one. It's basically impossible for one person to follow one dog over the whole course, you will need 2 or 3 people.

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