Christmas pics (indoors)

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Re: Christmas pics (indoors)

Cane wrote:

The tough thing is that the flash will drive everyone crazy with me snapping away and they will start to roll eyes when I pull out the camera. I would rather quietly shoot away with the k-01 and a fast lens if possible.

That may be true, it all depends on where you are at and the people you are around. Most of my family and friends don't pay any attention to cameras, since we are "photo people".

I will admit, I was at my daughters Christmas play a few weeks ago with a 300mm lens and my external flash cranked wide open. I ended up showing up late and got horrible seats, but with the extra lens power and flash, I was able to get a few photos. I got some funny looks when I pulled the lens and flash out of my camera bag. Before the event was over I had numerous people come up and ask could I get some photos of their children, since there pocket cameras flash was not working. LOL I tried to explain to a few of them why their camera was not giving them the results they wanted, but most did not have a clue.

At home I go for the bounce flash; its simple, looks nice and has proven itself over the last few years. Some people prefer natural light and I will admit its nice, but generally conditions have to be a little better, fast movement may be questionable, and the lenses tend to be more costly.

We have a local news paper photographer that does a lot of fast lens/natural light photography and it looks great. She has put out some stunning work over the last few years. I would say use what equipment you have and what makes you feel confident. For me that FLASH, but some got more Natural.

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