V2 sample photos from DPR

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Re: V2 sample photos from DPR

andrbar wrote:

rayman 2 wrote:

Sorry but most of you dont get the message !

its not Nikon...technology is at a limit... physics is at a limit.......

A D4 has 54 % Quantum efficiency and the D3s around 57 %..........

The quality of the pixels of the V2 is around the same level the pixels are just much smaller....

if you want better quality with a V2 yiou need faster lenses and for those you need deeper pockets !


Sorry, but I don't get it.

Not to start another Sony vs Nikon war, but it seems to me that the RX 100 gives better high iso pictures than the V1/2, despite its 20MP.

Give me a V2 with the RX100 image quality, and at a decent price, and I'm sold. 14 MP is plenty. Even 10 MP is OK for me.

But as said by another fellow below, the price level of the V2 is way too high.

Can you believe it? In France, the V2 + 10-30 costs EUR 780. That's $1000.



The Sony isnt much better.. I own both..


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