Gray Market Lens Repair, Serial Numbers, etc.

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Jim F
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Re: Incorrect ... Final Clarification ...

Snapshott wrote:

Jim one question that I haven't seen answered unless I missed it. Was the lens you were looking at grey market or not?

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I've looked at several; not physically looked but have been in touch with the sellers and have also seen the serial numbers on the pictures of the lens for sale (if the image is good enough and large enough) by zooming in on the image of the barrel and noting the serial numbers (most of the time the seller will not offer information about the serial numbers in his/her listing). So, I could see the serial numbers and made note of them. Then I called Nikon and asked.

I called because the 300 2.8 VR Nikkor lens are not stamped with a US prefix even if they are a US market lens. That's the sole fact that makes this such a headache and difficult to decide whether to purchase a particular lens or not. I don't want to risk finding out that my expensive purchase cannot be fixed since it gray market unbeknownst to me when I didn't know that to begin with. Frankly, if it was a teleconverter (which is just a chunk of glass with no moving parts) or some inexpensive lens, none of this would matter. But a lens that is the price of a used car is a much different matter.

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