Shutter sounds on mobile phones?

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Re: Shutter sounds on mobile phones?

WoodWorks wrote:

pavi1 wrote:

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The reason I'm asking because someone may of took a photo of me and I heard no sound.

I have never seen a camera phone on which you could not turn off the sound. I would love to see the US law that says camera phones must make a sound when a picture is taken.

I too would love to see a copy of that law. And I'd love to see a pink unicorn bringing me a pot of gold too!

Nah, I guess seeing the U.S. law would be asking for too much.

Seriously, C Sean, just about every point-and-shoot camera sold today has an artificial shutter sound that can be turned on or off. What makes you believe that a phone camera would be any different?

Edit: one quick Google search later, I found some info about a bill that Peter King (D)NY proposed almost 4 years ago to make all camera phones make a sound. The bill, predictably, got zero co-sponsors, and went nowhere.

So we can all go around, stealthily snapping pictures of whatever it is that lives on top of Donald Trump's head.


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Thank you for the information.

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