OT: The best news all year

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Re: OT: The best news all year

malch wrote:

kelpdiver wrote:

what here gives you optimism?

"For the first time, consumers will be able to subscribe to content per channel, unlike bundled cable services"

Finally, a free market where consumers can subscribe to the channels they want, versus having to buy a huge bundle of channels they don't.

But will these include the 15 channels I want, or will Intel enable me to buy a la carte from a collection of 200 channels I don't care about?  That's the crux of the problem.

An open STB solves the problem for future media efforts- no longer do they need to fight for carriage on the limited cable/dish rosters.  They can directly advertize themselves for $2/month and then send 50 cents to the channel store, the same model that has proven itself with the cell phone app stores.

But if ESPN wants to create yet another channel (Espn Outdoors, anyone?), why would they want to do this when they can just insist that their cable/dish vendors accept the new one for another $1/month for every customer that gets ESPN?

Another real problem presented by true choice is that you may get customers that add a channel for a day at a time when they want the event ... ie, add ESPN for Saturday each week for college football, or OLN/Versus/Whatheverthehellitiscallednow for the 3 weeks of the TdF and then cancel again.  This is similar to the disruption presented by the DVR.

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