Moving to Lightroom from Aperture

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Re: Moving to Lightroom from Aperture

It's a bit of both, really. Aperture allows for a managed library, where all your pictures are stored away inside the Aperture Library (which will likely be in your Pictures folder) or a referenced library where pictures are stored in a folder structure of your choosing. You'll have chosen which type of library you wanted to use when you first installed Aperture.

In Lightroom you have no choice but to store images on your hard drive in folders so you'll be able to set up your own folder structure. I moved from a managed Aperture library to Lightroom by exporting the originals from my projects into folders which I then imported into Lightroom. I would imagine that if your Aperture library is referenced, it should just be a matter of pointing Lightroom to it and importing the images.

Bear in mind that when you migrate from Aperture to Lightroom (or vice versa) you will lose all your edits and the images will be imported as unadjusted originals.

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