always liked this pix...sorry didn't shot raw back then!!fall pix for play

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Re:Paul, really like the edit...what did you use to obtain the results?

Duped the background layer and Increased tonal contrast and saturation.

Duped this layer twice then -

Created a Black and White Layer on one of the dupes and on the other I increased the saturation even more and then I used Topaz Simplify - Underpainting on that layer.

Layer order as follows in the stack:

B and W layer set to overlay - opacity to 50%

Topaz layer set to overlay -opacity to 50%

Duped background layer at 100%

Background layer off

Then I merged all visible and added the border.




faith2 wrote:

prstl2 wrote:

I also like the shot you posted.

Here is my play for you.



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