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Re: Chill, people...

Bamboojled wrote:

I think most folks are responding based on the posters post...

It is obvious that this was user error.

There is nothing wrong with the lens or the aperture coupling as you or others have suggested or told the poster to check for. The image is correctly exposed on the subject that is in focus, the background.

Folks posting about accuracy of the metering system, focusing points, lens issue, are doing the poster a mis-service. The issue is none of these. It is that the poster used live view in a situation for which it is not intended...low light, indoors, moving subject.

A greater service would be to tell Daniel to stop using live view (it's not a point and shoot) and use the camera as it is intended. Another good suggestion is referring him to a book on how to get the most out of his D600. I don't know if Thom Hogan has published one yet or not.

Yes, it's obviously user error.

I've observed cases where the D600's metering isn't reliable, and recently, my D600's aperture lever failed on me. That's why it's away for repairs now, and I'm borrowing a D3. And I don't like trusting the D3's meter either. But yes, something like this should never happen.

I disagree that live view shouldn't be used. It can do a passing job as long as the subject isn't moving. If the human subject was standing still, live view should have been able to acquire focus without a problem. DSLR live view has advanced to the point that you can use the camera as a point and shoot with some care.

I do agree, though, that using the optical finder is a better idea. IMO, the real reason to buy a DSLR is to get that optical finder, which allows for very fast response and action tracking. Live view should only be used to acquire perfect focus on still subjects, or when it's impossible to use the eye level finder.

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