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Re: LV mode

Oh yes, i remember that thread now. If i remember correctly, it was still focussing accurately, only it was giving priority to the points on the chests and not the faces.

Yours seems like a different case. Like i said, try another lens too, just to rule that out.

I can't comment on LV as i've never used that, and even then i believe it works differently on my D700 compared to your D600.

It is possible to use the D600 as a point and shoot in LV mode - you just have to do it carefully. Select a single focus area (wide, or normal for more precision) that you move around by yourself, and make sure you put that rectangle on the subject (preferably on the eyes). Hold the camera steady, and make sure what's in the rectangle doesn't change while the camera's focusing. And after the camera has focused (and the rectangle outline turns green), make sure the subject actually appears sharp on the screen before taking the shot.

If anything is moving, don't use LV - it can't track action. Just use the viewfinder and 39 phase detect AF points, which do a very good job of tracking action.

With regards to the D600 vs. D700 in live view, the D600's live view CDAF focuses a lot faster, and the live view framerate is much higher, so the view is smoother when moving the camera around. (I'm comparing with a D3, which should have the same live view implementation as the D700). Don't get me wrong, though - the D700 and D3 live view implementation works well for static subjects, which is what live view should be used for.

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