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Chill, people...

Clayton1985 wrote:

Peter Jonas wrote:

Please look around on these forums and elsewhere to find what sort of results people using the D600 are getting. I think most of them would find it very very difficult to reproduce the kind of rubbish you seem to be getting regularly.


Instead of bashing him, how about telling him how to get better results? I don't think anyone puts down a ton of money on a high end camera, and then intentionally screws up just to bash it.

To get foolproof results...don't use live view (live view autofocus can't keep up with anything moving, and sometimes just fails). Select a single point, and put that on the subject's eye. Make sure the green dot shows up before releasing the shutter.

As for metering, I do agree that the D600's meter often isn't as reliable as I'd like it to be. After hearing about how great Nikon's matrix meter was from...well, Ken Rockwell, I expected Nikon cameras to meter perfectly. Not so...the D600 matrix meter is unpredictable, arbitrarily going from protecting highlights to exposing for shadows. The older D3 (temporarily using that while the D600 is in for repairs) has issues too, and often overexposes. For more consistent metering, I'd go with center-weighted average, which is generally safe.

But if the meter does something really stupid (like white out most of the image), I'd check to make sure the aperture mechanism is working properly.

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