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Re: D600:

I don't understand all of the suggestions that are being given, when the issue obviously is not  the camera but the photographer...

The poster put an image that is completely out of focus, and said that the metering system and the focus do not work on this camera, and this is the final straw.

He fails to tell us that the image was shot using live view, he then follows up in another post telling us that he has been shooting for years and never has had these issues.

The fact of the matter is that he is trying to use the camera as a point and shoot looking through the rear of the camera instead of using the optical viewfinder...News flash, it is an SLR (Single lens reflex), it is designed to be used focusing through the viewfinder.

The camera is extremely accurate in focusing and metering when used as the camera is intended to be used.

This is a case and point of a person purchasing above their basic abilities.

To the poster,(Daniel)...the flash and camera metered correctly on the subject that was in focus, the background.

The D600 nor any DSLR including the 5DIII, 1DX, D4, D800 work adequately in live view under lower light situations. As was posted in this thread, Live view only works adequately in bright lit situations. (the only exception to this are Sony cameras as they have a translucent mirror, although this poses other issues).

Live view is for studio (static subjects), Landscapes (static subjects) Architectural (static subjects)... and even then, most photographers opt for manual focus to fine focus off the sensor and avoid any possible back or front focusing on their subject.

Your best option is to completely reset the camera and set it on program and enjoy the camera until you grow comfortable enough to move out of these settings.

I would also purchase one of the online books on the D600 to help you navigate your new purchase.

After everything is said and done, the issue is not the camera, it is you...

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