New Sigma Review - Shot on Nikon D800E - Lots of Samples

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Re: New Sigma Review - Shot on Nikon D800E - Lots of Samples

There is a huge difference between ACR processing and what the OP did to those photos.

Obviously SOOC images are of little value in a lens review, but equally so are hyper faddish edits.

u007 wrote:

Epic Light wrote:

Strange to see so much stylized PP in a lens review. Some of those shots look like instagram, so it's hard for me to really judge this lens.

Cassario wrote:

For those of you who seen my other post with this review, I have added more to the review including more pics. BUT, the main reason I am posting this again for those of you who liked it, is that its posted from my new project, a site I created along with 2 other professional photogs, all 3 of us Nikon shooters, for photographers. I know some of you guys liked how I did the review, so I will be doing more like it in the future on this site, so check it out and let me know your thoughts...Thanks!

I'd rather have edited pictures as it shows what the lens CAN do.

It's like when people test camera ISO with all noise reduction and sharpening turned off.. it's silly because it's not showing the maximum potential with real life use.

The pics are good - they tell you about the perspective, the bokeh etc. I just wish there were some full size samples from the D800E so that I can pixel peep!

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