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Christopher D Mann wrote:

How durible is the Cyber Comander. I looked at it just online and wonder about its build quality. The two small adjustment knobs at the bottom look like they could break easily. I have also read about people using it outdoors and stating that the screen is hard to see. I do a lot of location shooting so that why I went PW.

Hard to say how durable they are. I keep mine in a pelican case when I'm not shooting, otherwise it sits in my pocket. It is hard to see outdoors but with the brightness turned all the way up, it's manageable. For me, the fact that PW can only adjust a partial range of the lights is a deal-killer.

I did have some recent strange behavior. At a photosession, the cyber trigger was misfiring (not triggering about 1 out of ever 20 shots). Then it started triggering only one of the 4 lights I was using. When the latter problem started occuring, I could not get it to trigger the other 3 lights no matter what I did. During the time this was going on, my cyber commander was consistently triggering all the flashes! I changed the battery in the trigger  and it started working again. Later, on the phone with tech support we determined that the original battery was not the issue but the only thing they could guess was that there was a frequency conflict or a problem with the hot shoe contact on the bottom of the trigger so they recommended I change everything over from freq 9 to 1.

They suggested also to try the cyber commander in the hot shoe next time as well.

I have another session scheduled for saturday. Hopefully, I don't see the problem again.

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