Boxing Day stroll in old town (F31)

Started Dec 27, 2012 | Discussions thread
max metz Senior Member • Posts: 2,644
Re: Boxing Day stroll in old town (F31)

SB‚Äč, its not usually my habit to be negative in critique, though a more balanced view has been called for by some and so it is in that spirit I view these frames.

This is lazy photography, you have the experience and knowledge to do better, particularly given the very interesting subject matter. By example, those frames that don't have a blown sky illustrate an eye burdened by one elbow on the contrast button, a vacuum robot armed with a camera could have done better.

From other examples I have seen the f31 is capable of far better than this, even in low light.

Hopefully, annoyance will spur you to credit us with some taste and we'll see some excellent shots coming from your gear - the result a bit of thought and effort. The dialog was interesting.

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