Canon S5 IS + Bowens Gemini strobe synching problems

Started Jan 2, 2013 | Discussions thread
OP Goldey New Member • Posts: 8
Re: Canon S5 IS + Bowens Gemini strobe synching problems

Scratchdisk.....thank you.  I am thrilled to have an industry reference who's brain I could pick a bit....

You stated something like the radio triggeers (good ones) have low fail rates but when they do fail, may be due to cords, connections.  Do you mean the metal to metal connection from the hotshoe to radio trigger?  I did purchase a "hardly used" Pocket Wizard II from a friend.  I am scared to use it as I've tried two brand-new Microsyncs + brand new Bowens + a hardly used Canon S5 IS with high misfire......I suppose I could try the PW and see what misfire rate I the meantime, I will phone FlashZebra and look into this mono mini set up.

Meanwhile, is there another place on forums I should post this topic for more response?  Thank you much.   Goldey

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