Waiting for my Panasonic Dream camera

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Waiting for my Panasonic Dream camera

After I bought the GF-1, with the 20mm, and beeing very satisfied with the size and quality, I became a big M43 fan. I was bitten by the GAS syndrome and bought many lenses for the format, I even at one point "upgraded" to the GF-2.

After some time with the GF-2 I regretet not keeping the GF-1, as I liked it better, but it did cure my need for buying more incremental camera upgrades. What I found was the same as many other of you have said before, the real investment are in the lenses.

In the early days of m43 the Panasonic lenses seemed superior to the Olympus ones, so thats where I put my money. I currently own the 45mm, 25mm, 20mm, 14mm, 8mm Panasonic lenses. I also had the 14-140, but I think the size defeated the purpose of m43 for me. All the lenses have been magnificent, but after some time with all of them my most used lens is still the 20mm.

After they released the GF-1 I feel Panasonic lost their way a little bit, the focus on gf series went too simplistic for me and I dont like the SLR shape of the G and GH series. The small increments from camera to camera is a turn off. There is to much fanzy branding with big red X'es when all I think many of us want is the real upgrade from the simplistic elegance of the GF-1. It seems like some marketer got too much influence in the Panasonic camera department. The downgrade from the 14-45mm to the 14-42 is also not good, the higher quality feeling of the 14-45 really makes a totally different first impression on the cameras. Keeping the 14-45mm would create Panasonic GAS for the customers, instead of wanting another brand before even trying the other very high quality lenses.

What I really miss is my dream camera made from Panasonic. The OMD is really close, but somehow i want it to be a Panasonic (partly because of the full lens correction, I lalso like the Panasonic feel when they do it right). The GX1 is also very close, but it doesnt have a built in viewfinder and is to similar to the gf-2. I use the LVF-1 today, but would really prefer it to be built in (without protruding).

So this is what I want, and I feel that many other are with me on this: a GX-1 style/sized camera with an EVF in the corner (not sticking out), and no rotating screen. As most of my lenses dont have OIS, I would also really like it to have some kind of IBIS. Together with the newest sensor, I would probably buy this camera.

When looking at different forums, the market seems to be screaming for this, already from the GF-1 days. Olympus delivered with the OMD. I think the GH-3 is a big step in the right direction, hopefully we can soon get something for the camera enthusiast from Panasonic too.

Do you guys agree? Panasonic, are you listening?

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