Why does D800 need sharp primes but D7000 works great with kit lens?

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Re: Why does D800 need sharp primes but D7000 works great with kit lens?

Joe Porto wrote:

I guess I just feel bad for some of these folks who have already spent way more money than they need to on the D800 and ask for lens advice,

I'm curious, who decides that they "spent way more money that they need to"?

Sure, some lenses are better than others, but I'm not zooming in at 100% just to check lens performance.

Hi Joe,

What is good enough for one, might not be good enough for another. That's why it's hard to give people lens advice without seeing some differing opinion or argumentation. Facts are facts and opinions are opinions. Trouble starts when there's confusion between the two. If someone owns an 800 or E, I think it's fair to assume that they are after a high resolution, quality image. And when those folks seek lens advice, I don't think it's wrong to steer them toward the best glass they can afford in order to get the most out of their 800(E). Is it wrong for someone to decide to put "lesser quality" lenses on a high rez camera - if they're happy with the image they're getting, absolutely not, it's their money.

Maybe you're wise not to zoom to 100% but some shooters do on the 800(E) just like they do/did on their other bodies and get concerned when they don't see a sharp image. I don't think it's wrong to discuss why they're seeing what they're seeing. That's why I like this forum, we get to see some facts and hear some opinions.


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