Why does D800 need sharp primes but D7000 works great with kit lens?

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You're right, but with caveats...

First, you are making a fair comparison in terms of pixel density: both the D7000 and D800 roughly match in pixel density. And yes, a lot of the "you need the sharpest lens you can find" arguments are theoretical truisms that don't impact the lion share of photos people take in practical applications.

Now the caveat... whereas the D7000 (DX) uses the center of the 70-300, where that lens shines brightest, the D800 will also use the outer edges, where all lenses (no matter how good) are weakest in terms of sharpness and distortion. I wouldn't hesitate to use the 70-300 for my kiddo's outdoor, sunny soccer game, but I might think differently for other applications.

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