Canon S95 vs Sony RX100 unscientific comparison

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Re: Canon S95 vs Sony RX100 unscientific comparison

Robert Anderson wrote:

To my eye, the Rx100 images are sharper, more contrasty and have shallower depth of field which gives better separation between the subject and background. I shoot lots of indoor people pictures and prefer not to use flash. The 20MP image size gives lots of room to crop and still get an image that will print well at 8 x 10.

Yes, the RX100 wins clearly in your comparison, but to be fair, then I'm sure that the S95 can do much better than it did here. Both the S95 images are a bit overexposed, and the second image is blurred too (shake or missed focus). The first S95 image would also have had a more shallow DoF if it had been shot wide open (like the RX100 image) instead of stopped down to f/5.

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