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RudyPohl wrote:

QuirkySue wrote:

DoctorG1 wrote:

If you aren't selling your stuff and don't print huge , then optimise for JPEG. If you have time on your hands and want to post process all your stuff (gets to be a PITA after a while) and are into pixel peeping , then shoot raw. (If you underexpose in raw , you will *have* to post process to get a good jpeg , if you shoot correctly exposed , you can shoot raw and jpeg and choose what to PP or if you want to PP)

If you are stressed about noise and feel the small senor is a limit to your photography , then get a DSLR, they more or less the same price as a FZ200....

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I do sell some of my photos, but just through a POD where people are perhaps less picky and it's more about what I am shooting than how well I shot it. I did make the decision to get the best non DSLR I could rather than having to buy/carry/switch lenses. I guess raw + fine jpg is the route most take for the best of both worlds. Properly exposed. Thanks.

Hi again Sue:

Whoops, I see from this posted reply that you are a "novice" to the FZ200 and not to photography itself. My apologies for misunderstanding.

Cheers -


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No worries Rudy, I do still consider myself very much a novice and really do need to learn the basics. Most of the time I'm just winging it.

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