Canon S95 vs Sony RX100 unscientific comparison

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Greg Lavaty Contributing Member • Posts: 878
Re: Canon S95 vs Sony RX100 unscientific comparison

Yes, the difference in angle of view at the wide end was one of the places that I really preferred the s100.  I do find that the 24mm equiv is very useful vs 28.  The cost for me was a bit of a big deal also.  From what I have seen the IQ from the RX100 is more than “a little better.”  In the landscape photos that I have tried to do with the two I am seeing detail in grass and leaves that I just don’t get in the s100 shots.  Maybe for the general shooter this isn’t a big deal but it is significant for me.

In the end I used the 24mm equiv lens and the price to justify keeping my s100.  I still think it would be nice to have the RX100 instead but that will only happen if the s100 breaks again.


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