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hedele wrote:

GregF wrote:

The metering system works well if you learn that the focus point puts some weight on the exposure, even in matrix metering. Try it: focus on a the same scene, in matrix, but put the focus point on something dark. Then something light. Without too much recomposition, the same scene will change exposure a bit due to the focus point placement.

Try using AF-S on center point only, turn auto focus point off, for static posed subjects.

As far as why the flash shot is overexposed and out of focus, make sure the AF assist light is on. The AF system needs the assist light in low light or it will hunt or get it wrong. If the assist light is on, I'm not sure why that happened.

since I think the AF Assist light only turns on in AF-S Mode and if the center focus point is at work, it may be that the assist light did not turn on because the camera was focusing on one of the outer focus points.

If I remember correctly, my camera had either AF-C or AF-A set out of the box. So, even if AF-A, and not AF-C was selected, and there was some movement when framing the shot, the camera would have auto-selected AF-C and therefore not enabled the assist light.

a quick test and that appears to be true.  personally, i turn off af assist and even tape over the lamp on all my dslrs.  if you've ever been on the receiving end of an af-assist beam, it's like a searchlight at night.  really noob.

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