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Daniel Lauring
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Re: LV mode

Manny82 wrote:

Daniel Lauring wrote:

It boils down to wanting a camera that has the great sensor performance and resolution (D600 in spades), but also the ability to work well in an almost point and shoot fashion. The D600 doesn't do the latter well.

Only yours doesn't, and even then we're not certain this isn't due to user-error. I haven't seen a single other thread where someone has complained about the point & shoot ability of the D600.

Actually, not completely true.  Just recently there was a posting where someone was having issues with the focus point being on the chests instead of the faces when used for wedding photography.  There are also posts and reviews that mention erratic metering.  LV mode was actually suggested by some people to counter the metering issues I identified earlier.

I don't know if my particular camera or lens is at fault, but I doubt it because when it works, it works really well (good light, simple metering conditions.)

I think the D600 and the kit lens are capable of some really great photography.  I don't find it works well for fast captures of people in demanding lighting conditions.

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