Diopter Adj on XPRO 1 - anyone concerned w/both glasses and contacts?

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Re: Diopter Adj on XPRO 1 - anyone concerned w/both glasses and contacts?

DaveGNJ wrote:

I've been struggling for a week to resolve this issue with my new X-Pro 1. Of course, I blame myself for not being aware of this issue. When reading reviews, I did see something pop up occasionally about diopters, but who ever cares about such minor things in an expensive camera? I mean, all cameras have adjustable diopters right? No.

Out of the box, the OVF was fine for me, but the EVF was frustratingly blurry. Argh.

With a +2 diopter, I can get the focus tack sharp in the EVF (joy!), but then the OVF is now blurry. With no diopter, the OVF is sharp, but the EVF is blurry. I'm nearsighted (about -3.50 in each eye with a 1.50 add for reading) and I shoot with my glasses on of course.

What mystifies me is how the X100 (with an adjustable diopter), is fine for me with both viewfinder modes. One of the key advantages of the X cameras is the hybrid view finder, but for eyeglass wearers, it seems only one viewfinder will work as promised. It seems to be a huge blunder on Fuji's part.

They spent time deciding if the cardboard boxes will have magnetic closures, but just blew off allowing their users to use BOTH viewfinders without frustration. HUGE mistake.

If I can't get this resolved shortly, I am going to return my camera. Pity, because the image quality is far superior to my Nikon pro DSLR with top-of-the-line glass.

I guess everyone will have to make their own determination if they can live with a crippled viewfinder on the X-Pro 1. I say it's worth trying, but not worth spending your lifetime fixing.

Hi Dave

I solved the problem by switching to the X-E1. No OVF, but a much better EVF and a diopter.

In the end, even if there was a diopter on the XPro1 (I purchased one), switching between the OVF and the EVF involved switching the diopter out. Since you are always in EVF mode for close-ups, which I use a lot, it was a no-brainer to switch the to the X-E1.

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