Efficient RAW workflow with Silkypix 5 (Windows)

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Efficient RAW workflow with Silkypix 5 (Windows)

Here's what I've arrived at for my current workflow. Comments/modifications welcome

As background:

I tend to take a lot more pictures than I keep. (Love that burst mode!). I tend to keep only pictures which are sharp when viewed at 100%, so my "keep rate" is fairly low.

SP5 is slow for image review, particularly if the images were obtained at high ISO, so I don't enjoy using it for the initial culling process.

Here's what I do to cull a set of .RW2 files

1. I make SIlkypix the default viewer for .RW2

2. I use Picasa for the preliminary evaluation.

Move the .RW2 files to a folder in Picasa's search path and wait until Picasa's imported them.

You can see the raw image array, and vary the image size using the slider at the bottom of the screen.  You can do your initial culling here.

If you double click an image, it's seen in detail, with a strip of prior/next thumbnails at the top.

Picasa will display the RAW images without lens distortion correction. The corrected JPG sidecar will appear at the right.

The sidecar image right) also has proper color and contrast, which are not necessarily apparent in the RAW image (left)

If you click the 1:1 button, the image is displayed at 100%.  I delete lots of images at this stage, and can also move unwanted images to a different folder if I want to keep them around for a while.  I can move to the next image without leaving this view.

To view in Silkypix, tap the "Open with" hotkey (Ctrl+Shift+O) and you can see the image in Silkypix. You might choose to edit the image in SP at this point, or not. Regardless, when you're done in SP, just minimize it, so the program will not have to be restarted for subsequent images.  No formal "Save" step is needed.

When you're done with your culling, close Picasa and return to Silkypix.

Choose "Open Folder" and open the folder.  I prefer the "combination mode" with the thumbnails on the right. YMMV.  Note that the highlighted image is marked with a dogear (which means it's been edited) and a scissors (which means it's been cropped).

Edit each of your culled images to taste, Select all the images (go to the top and click, go to the bottom and shift-click) and start your batch development.

Walk away while the program churns.


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