D600: A gazillion EV of dynamic range isn't worth squat if your camera won't focus or meter properly Locked

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Daniel Lauring
Daniel Lauring OP Veteran Member • Posts: 9,261
LV mode

xrdbear wrote:

Daniel, I would switch the camera to centre weighted metering, AF single with the centre AF point chosen, focus priority and choose your iso manually and sensibly. Forget LV for the moment.

Seems to be the consensus that LV mode might be the problem with this shot...and in general with low light.  That might very well have been the case in many of the incidents as I was trying to see if I could work around the matrix metering issues from my earlier post.   I was also trying to improve my focus point hit rate...ie. hoping the camera would be able to use a smarter focus algorithm in LV mode, such that it might capture focus on the eye, vs. for or aft of it (which I was seeing quite a bit of.)

It boils down to wanting a camera that has the great sensor performance and resolution (D600 in spades), but also the ability to work well in an almost point and shoot fashion.  The D600 doesn't do the latter well.

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