Wide Angle Options (Panny vs Olympus) for OMD

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Main factors

I previously owned the Panasonic and currently own the Olympus.

If you care more about smaller size or lower cost, go Olympus. It's probably half the size when retracted and noticeably lighter. I bought mine as a official Olympus refurb from Cameta for $550 so it can be had several hunderd dollars cheaper than the Panasonic. The image quality is pretty close to the Panasonic ultimately, you're not giving up that much.

If you care more about ultimate image quality or having the widest lens, go Panasonic. It's somewhat sharper than the Olympus in general, has constant f4, and has less CA. It's obviously 2mm wider too which makes a bigger difference than you might think at the wide end.

Ultimately, my choice came down to size/weight and I appreciate the 18mm end on the Olympus too. When I want the best possible super wide angle image quality, I reach for my DSLR with the Tokina 16-28mm.

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