New NEX 7 has a name. What do you want in the 7m?

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Re: New NEX 7 has a name. What do you want in the 7m?

Kashmir442 wrote:

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D Cox wrote:

Note that this was posted as only an "SR2" level rumour - that is, not at all confirmed. It could well be completely untrue.

Yes, but knowing Sony in about 12 mo. after the NEX 7 release they sure will bring something of a replacement. The 7 got decent sales and the 6 is placed lower than the 7. There must be a 7 replacement before the FF NEX which is a year from now and need a few lenses for the line up.

It's been more than 12 months already, but otherwise agreed, we'll definitely see a new 7 this year. It's awkward line-up wise that the 6 has things like the Hybrid AF, Wireless, and new hotshoe that the 7 doesn't.

I predict just a mild warm-over with mainly those three things added, but it will be really interesting to see if they can do anything about the wide-angle lens situation. The lens-sensor registration distance is immutable, so that leaves either something new about the sensor physically (a new coating or pixel arrangement?) or further digital correction (firmware).

Although I also wish for a sensor that is classic RF wide friendly, Sony does not have to do it because their new ultra wides can be designed differently to accommodate the colorshift issues. After all they want you to buy Sony lenses, not Leica M or Zeiss Biogon. If they indeed solve this issue it will be by accident, probably when they try to do a much thinner sensor with gapless diodes, zero AA filter, and micro lenses that can "absorb" lights from a much much wider angle.

But on the other hand it is quite easy to avoid the problem, just stay away from RF lenses that are wider than 28mm!

The Biogon 21mm got colorshifts even on the NEX 3:

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