D600: A gazillion EV of dynamic range isn't worth squat if your camera won't focus or meter properly Locked

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Daniel Lauring wrote:

Manny82 wrote:

Judging from the pic, looks like natural light was low and your camera focussed on the background. In doing so, the flash TTL system will use the distance data from the focus system to calculate flash output and therefore increase the output of the flash to expose for what it has focussed for.

Obviously anything right in front of the camera will get blown out by the flash. It can't expose for something 1 meter away and then something 5 meters away.

Looks like it's working fine to me.

Yes, that is obviously what happened. But, how is that "working fine?" It didn't focus. IMHO, not focussing is not working. It is especially disconcerting because the other two cameras I used, an OMD EM5 and an LX7, did not have focus issues in the same scenarios. Which was the point of my post. And this wasn't just one incident. I chose to post this one example because the face is unrecognizable and because the shot is not recoverable (as opposed to some of the mis-metered shots.)

i can see it didn't focus the way you wanted or expected. but looking at it dispassionately, it focused on something in the back. so, the question is why? i think we've beaten that one to death.  as to why two other cameras focused without issue...different systems. could have had face recognition on, could have been just luck, could be using AF assist, whatever.  one thing is sure, anything those p&s cameras can focus on, pretty well any DSLR properly setup will too. so, i would drop them from the discussion and more look for the real reason for the problem you're having.

(seems obvious to me, wrong AF mode)...f

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