D600: A gazillion EV of dynamic range isn't worth squat if your camera won't focus or meter properly Locked

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Daniel Lauring wrote:

Yes, that is obviously what happened. But, how is that "working fine?" It didn't focus. IMHO, not focussing is not working. It is especially disconcerting because the other two cameras I used, an OMD EM5 and an LX7, did not have focus issues in the same scenarios. Which was the point of my post. And this wasn't just one incident. I chose to post this one example because the face is unrecognizable and because the shot is not recoverable (as opposed to some of the mis-metered shots.)

Oh right, well you stated that your camera wouldn't meter properly and i was just explaining that the metering system looks to be working perfectly. It is only the focus that appears to be off.

Did you try a different lens? As you may just have a defective lens.

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