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Re: D600: A gazillion EV of dynamic range isn't worth squat if your came meter properly

Daniel Lauring wrote:

Epic Light wrote:

Filed complaint for trolling.

Seriously dude? Because you don't like that I posted something negative? Did you even look at my profile? I've owned cameras from just about every manufacturer, been taking pictures for over 30 years and a dpreview member for over 10. I bought the D600 seriously wanting to like it...and I do like the output...when it works.


Please look around on these forums and elsewhere to find what sort of results people using the D600 are getting. I think most of them would find it very very difficult to reproduce the kind of rubbish you seem to be getting regularly.

I have a sneaky suspicion that you either don't want to or are unable to succeed with this camera.

You surely are not seriously suggesting that you think that this is the best the camera can offer. You know very well it is not true. But the camera will not produce any better results until you change your attitude and WANT to succeed.

The improvement must come from you. You must seek to understand how to to make it work, and not how to make it NOT work. If you have been doing photography for the past 30 years it should not really be a problem for you.

Understand the abilities of your camere and think about how you could use those abilities to make a satisfying image. Right now I have the feeling you are trying to find situations where you can make the D600 not work well, then say: "Hey this is a piece of cr*p, it can't do a thing I want it to".

As a craftsman you must use your tools in an optimal way to help you achieve your best. You are not doing that at the moment.

I do not know if you are genuine about these problems or not. Your overly dramatic subject lines don't help you either. But surely many people think you are not as they simply cannot believe you are having these problems with metering, Af and flash noone else has encountered, and they simply call you a troll. I do not.

I am very confident this camera can give you satisfying results in most situations. It is up to you now to use it in a way to bring the best out of it. It should not be hard at all.

Good luck with that.

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