43rds Rumor-Olympus and Sony to Start Using Foveon-like Sensor?

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Re: 43rds Rumor-Olympus and Sony to Start Using Foveon-like Sensor?

4thnebula wrote:

In today's u43rds Rumor listing there is comments about the author that possibly we could see a Foveon-like sensor later in 2013 (in the Olympus-E-7 and hopefully the rest of the 43rds line).

My non-engineer understanding of sensor technology is that with u43rds the width of the pixel cannot be increased so the gathering of photos cannot be increased that way. Another way to increase the size of the photo-well is to deepen it. I look at it like having a 5-gallon pail. One has a very wide mouth so it can be shallow to hold the 5-gallons. The other has a much smaller diameter so must be significantly deeper. I understand increasing the photos gathered basically must follow the same concept. So the dynamic and tonal range of a new deeper Foveon-like sensor will be able to gather many more photos and as a result u43rds could be able to come much closer to APS-C and FF. I expect the small distance the deeper well would be at would not be significant in a hybrid sensor since at the speed of light the extra distance won't affect focus or the rate of photo capture enough to be a concern.

It would be interesting to me if engineers that really know what they are talking about could add to this thread regarding a Foveon-like sensor for u43rds. It seems to me to be u43rds only real choice now to go forward in sensor IQ.

This is absolute, utter nonsense.

Ridiculous 100% pure amateur speculation. Admin at 43 rumors basically threw out three of his all time greatest wishes for the future of m43 just to create some wild speculation, including a hybrid viewfinder, and other babbel.

BS from here to the moon. Give me a break.

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