Why does D800 need sharp primes but D7000 works great with kit lens?

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These discussions do my head in

Joe Porto wrote:

I keep reading these threads regarding such and such lens won't cut it on the D800 due to it's massive 36MP resolution, yet we've had Nikon cameras with the same pixel density for several years now...the D5100 and D7000 for example....yet no one ever made those comments about these cameras, and people have been happily shooting the 18-105mm on them.

I was reading a thread about the 70-300mm VR w/ D800, and there were comments that the lens was not worthy of the D800 resolution. That is silly. I've used it on my D7000 for a couple years, and it takes wonderful pictures. I use it on the D800, and it takes wonderful pictures. It may not win any resolution chart contests, but it is a fine, inexpensive zoom.

The simple fact is that if you were happy with it on the D7000 you will be happy with it on the D800 (look up the pixel density of both). And for good reason. The lens costs £350 here and it's very good stopped down. People need to quit their crying!

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