D600: A gazillion EV of dynamic range isn't worth squat if your camera won't focus or meter properly Locked

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Re: lollll

Daniel Lauring wrote:

Yves P. wrote:

Did you take this picture in LV ???

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I think this one, which actually went off, as opposed to the ones that didn't because it didn't find focus, was in LV mode. I had been leaning toward using LV mode more because I was getting better metering results with it.

live view in dim light is hit-or-miss.  first, it's dead slow on the nikon. so you need to wait a second or perhaps a bit more for focus lock.  and if the subject moves, you're back at the start.

anyway, there is no "default" focus mode when you're in aperture setting.  probably the camera was set to "matrix" AF and it found something with more contrast in the background.  nothing unusual in that.  in this situation, i would be using spot metering and spot focus. otherwise, i would accept the misses.  if i was giving my camera to somebody else to use, i would be using matrix everything just so they could get something in focus and take pictures.  again, i would accept less than perfect results.

so this pic becomes one of the culls.  nothing unusual there.

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