How good is the E35F18-OSS ? Simple test

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Re: How good is the E35F18-OSS ? Simple test

I'm debating whether to try the SEL35F18 again or go for the Sigma 30mm.

I returned my SEL35F18 to Sony for finish/loud OSS issues and they would not refund to my card, just issue me gift cards, so I ended up exchanging for another SEL35F18. Right now it's sitting brand new, unopened in box in my closet (have it up for sale on the for sale forum).

I also bought a Sigma 30mm DN on the last day of the $150 sale and it's coming tomorrow. If it turns out I can live without the extra 1 1/3 stops and OSS I'll keep it. However, I just realized yesterday it's only a stop faster than my kit lens at 30mm, and without OSS it could be a wash for low-light shots. Even if it's a third of the price of the Sony 35mm, I wonder how often I would use it over the kit lens. Hmm...

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