Why does D800 need sharp primes but D7000 works great with kit lens?

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Re: Why does D800 need sharp primes but D7000 works great with kit lens?

That is simply not true.  You are only thinking in terms of resolution or sharpness.  in that case what you describe is correct, each lens maxes out at a certain point and the d800 just sucks down all that is available.

However, for lens aberrations and imperfections without question the d800e exposed more flaws even in the best glass,  this should be obvious cause and effect thinking for you.  This is also why the zeiss 1.4/55 is coming.  36 mega pixels is extremely sensitive.

inasir1971 wrote:

Joe Porto wrote:

I keep reading these threads regarding such and such lens won't cut it on the D800 due to it's massive 36MP resolution, yet we've had Nikon cameras with the same pixel density for several years now...the D5100 and D7000 for example....yet no one ever made those comments about these cameras, and people have been happily shooting the 18-105mm on them.

I was reading a thread about the 70-300mm VR w/ D800, and there were comments that the lens was not worthy of the D800 resolution. That is silly. I've used it on my D7000 for a couple years, and it takes wonderful pictures. I use it on the D800, and it takes wonderful pictures. It may not win any resolution chart contests, but it is a fine, inexpensive zoom.

There's a little bit of a misunderstanding in some quarters. The D800/E will give you images of the same quality as an older camera with the same lens, same focus accuracy (or lack of), and technique - actually better certainly no worse.

Attention to glass, staying within optimal apertures, accurate focus, and technique are required to get much larger, better images which push the sensor to what it's capable of.

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