Here's one more to the camera of the year

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Re: Here's one more to the camera of the year

Entropius wrote:

Looks good! The video looks a little oversharpened for my taste, but that is purely a settings thing.

Perhaps the E-M5 is most known as a stills camera, but I rented one for video use and was quite pleased. I recorded a choral conductor for her audition tape, using the 45/1.8 and 30fps at 1/30 second. The 100% shutter angle made the motion of her hands seem fluid and smooth, the sound picked up by the onboard mics was surprisingly good (although there was a professional audio recording too), and the colors and tones from the new sensor managed to be both subtle and rich at the same time.

Thanks, I agreed, its too sharp. I didn't sharpen the video at all. In fact I after the video I found out that I accidentally left the sharpness at +1. I have since reduced it a bit.

Glad you enjoy using it for video as well.

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