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Re: D600: A gazillion EV of dynamic range isn't worth squat if your came meter properly

Filed complaint for trolling.

Daniel Lauring wrote:

Final straw last weekend with D600. I had been struggling with strange metering issues. For example a group shot where the metering jumped 2EV just by the subjects rearranging themselves in the picture. Or a bright light in the corner of the frame causing the entire scene to be underexposed.

Last weekend I decided to bring the D600 along to some post New Year get-togethers to see if I could get a handle on the metering. The metering still reared it's ugly head but worse, the thing gave me fits focussing. It either didn't focus or grabbed focus on something that was completely unexpected. Just like with smart metering, focussing has got smarter with cameras over the last century. A century ago I'd expect to battle with a strong vertical line in the background and have to spot focus but now that rarely happens...except with the D600 it happened all the time.

I can't post lots of other examples because the parents prefer not to have their children posted on the web but this one came out so bad it's unrecognizable so it's OK to post. Ignore the fact that some bonehead forgot to take off the lens hood which cast a shadow with the onboard flash. The camera refused to focus on the boy in this shot...even though he's perfectly framed and within the focus range of the lens (I checked afterwards because at first I thought that might have been what happened.)

Shot out of focus and blown out (obviously because flash is trying to light background.)

I switched back and forth between LV view and using the viewfinder hoping to have better luck with the camera if it used the actual sensor, but that often just made matters worse (hunted for focus worse in LV mode.)

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