What's the best smartphone for photo quality?

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Re: What's the best smartphone for photo quality?

ryder78 wrote:

stany buyle wrote:

Hi all,

I would like to know what's the absolute best smartphone for photo quality. Nokia, Iphone5, samsung, HTC...?
Are there smartphones available with aperture control and some manual controls?
Which one has the best lens? Wide angle possibilities?

Thanks in advance.

Kindest regards and all the best for 2013!

Stany Buyle

The Nokia Pureview 808 has the most comprehensive manual controls for a smartphone. Apart from these common features found in a phone :-

color tone options (normal, vivid, sepia, black and white)

white balance options (automatic, sunny, incandescent, fluorescent)

saturation, contrast and sharpness adjustments

it has Exposure Compensation settings with a histogram(I'm still trying to figure out how to use this effectively) and manual ISO adjustments up to ISO1600(Auto, 50, 100, 200, 400, 800 and 1600).

The above controls are found in the Creative mode, a mode to cater for folks who want more control over the camera. In more conventional settings(Scenes mode), shootings can be done via Automatic, Landscape, Close-up, Portrait, Sports, Night, Night Portrait, Spotlight and Snow.

Not too sure about Samsung and HTC but the iPhone5 appears to be quite deficient in terms of controls. It doesn't have a basic Night mode and images will often appear under-exposed in low light without flash apart from exhibiting high levels of noise in these unfavorable conditions.

In summary, the Pureview 808 is the best smartphone for photo quality which pretty much blows away the competition in the smartphone category especially in low light where it has no peers. A caveat though. The white balance(only in low light) is cooler than actual conditions apart from the image appearing brighter than what it is in real life, though this can be corrected by adjusting the Exposure Compensation figures several notches down.

Thank you. Very informative.

However, there is no fix for the inaccurate white balance in low light at the moment. Nevertheless, I believe most people don't really bother about this slight anomaly as the squeaky clean pictures in low light far outweigh the weaknesses.

In the latest versions of ACR you can also open a jpeg, that might be a solution.

Did a try with a sample from the Dpreview 808 review:

Kindest regards.
Stany Buyle
I like better one good picture in a day than 10 bad ones in a second..

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