Fuji X20 what would like see improved?

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Re: Fuji X20 what would like see improved?

Hubert van Doorn wrote:

prime wrote:

TERRIBLE trade-off to give up any useful reach at the long end to get marginal gimmickry at the short end. I know that young noobs simply love clutter in photos ( hey, let's see how many distractions we can fit inside the frame ), and love taking pictures of groups of four friends from a distance of two feet, so that every face is contorted like images in fun house mirrors. There is a place for toys to do that. But for flattering pictures of people , useful focal lengths begin at about 65-70 mm equivalent -- that is, at focal lengths that put the camera at a distance from the subject equivalent to the social space distance most humans use in normal interactions. And for images of landscapes, not everybody wants everything in the background to appear microscopic.

Hey Prime, horses for courses really.
My preferred focal length is 20mm equiv for a 35mm frame.
The size, controls and performance of this camera make it quite nice for social doco work.
So I'd love to see a 20mm focal length on a compact. But I'm a minority, I think?

The Ricoh GRD4 with the 21mm adapter is great. There is no loss of IQ and you get a 21mm f/1.9. The DOF is amazing. I use my GRD4 that way now to work with the X10.

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