Confusion about NEX6 shoe adapters: ADP-AMA and ADP-MAA

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Re: Confusion about NEX6 shoe adapters: ADP-AMA and ADP-MAA

DuncanDovovan wrote:

blue_skies wrote:

AMA is Sony A to hotshoe M Adapter

MAA is hotshoe M to Sony A Adapter

Nex-7 has Sony A interface and needs AMA

Nex-6 has hotshoe M interface and needs MAA

AM flashes use Sony A interface

M flashes uae hotshoe M interface

So, an AM flash mates on Nex-7 A, but needs MAA on Nex-6 M

and a M flash mates on Nex-6 M, but needs AMA on Nex-7 A

It is obvious when you look at the images for each, can't link them here (on Android mobile device).

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Are there certain flash functions that will not work if you mount an AM flash on the NEX-6?

It looks like the A interface has more pins?

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Its hidden in the picture but the ADP MAA adaptor also makes contact to the new nex 6 hotshoe interface via a strip of pins underneath and at the front of the adaptor - I've only got mine to day but a brief test with the small HVL f20am flash on the nex 6 via the new adaptor suggests ttl and wireless control functionality are intact. By comparison, using a cheap generic adaptor (without the extra pins) the f20am failed to fire at all and my other flashes e.g. the sony 43 and 58 did fire but only in manual mode. Adding the adaptor / flash also makes new flash functions available in the menu (e.g. wireless mode).


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