The resolution of the fujifilm xe1 question

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Re: The resolution of the fujifilm xe1 question

Emacs23 wrote:

Trudy33 wrote:

Resolution of X-Trans CFA sensors is lower than one of bayers. NEX-5N resolves more details. And don't listen to guys quoting DPR conclusions: nor DPR, nor these guys have an idea what they are talking about. Example

It's highly praised here C1 output of XPro-1 (on the right) vs NEX-5N on the left, processed to reveal details.

Sorry but this proves nothing at all. Show me the same result over 20 or 30 images and it may prove something.

The samples on that page don't match my experience with the camera - they are soft as hell, even in JPEG. Garbage in, garbage out.

On the DPR comparison the Xpro1 JPEG resolves more than the NEX5N JPEG and about the same as the NEX5N RAW (only with less moire). Same for D7000 (RAW)

Select one of the other cameras, choose NEX5n and set to RAW. Set D7000 to RAW as well (leave Xpro1 on JPEG).

Even at low ISO they are very close, but the NEX has moire on fine details. Now try ISO1600. No comparison.

I sold my D7000. The Xpro1 is so much better there was no point in keeping it. The D600 resolves more, but has more noise as well.

I would not say the Xpro1 resolves substantially more in absolute terms, but then this hardly matters. It matches the best 16MP camera at low ISO and smokes it at any ISO over 400.

C1 seems to match JPEG resolution, but with more micro-contrast.

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